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Vocal Lessons

Belt it out at Elevate! Learn what it feels like to sing like a pro. Your vocal coach will explain how it feels to get to that note and teach you how to do it! Learn stage presence and have confidence in your voice and what it can do. Sight reading, pitch matching, theory, harmonies, lead and back up vocals are all part of the singing lesson structure. Learn proper warm up technique and increase your vocal range while working on tone and proper pitch.

In Rock Band Lessons, stand up, sing and learn the live performance factor of being a vocalist! Choose your favorite songs and learn how it all works to be the singer in the band. Don’t underestimate this fantastic experience. It’s fun but a whole lot of learning happens in this section of singing lessons every other week!

Buddy System & Teamwork

Our buddy system bring vocal lessons to the next level. Not only does it make lessons more fun and energized, it offers new and innovative teaching opportunities into the mix. Students learn to listen to each other, match pitch and harmonize, which makes singing lessons AWESOME!

Be in a Band!

Part of being a musician is performing with a group of peers. There is so much to learn once you step on that stage and our students have that opportunity within their own band!

Every other week all vocal students participate in Rock Band; a student favorite for sure! The time the kids spend on stage is vital to their growth as young musicians: counting in the song, getting the right pitch, listening, staying together in tempo, eye contact, dynamics, emotion, movement etc. As the students work through their songs on stage our teachers are right there to coach and teach them every step of the way!

Come and See Us

Visit us to meet the teacher and see how we run vocal lessons for yourself. Click below for a FREE singing lesson and tour.

Class Details

  • 1/2 hour lesson per week
  • Curriculum that covers all levels of expertise in vocals
  • 2 concert performances per year
  • Professional musician instructors
  • Fun & energetic piano lessons
  • Safe & positive environment
  • All vocal theory lesson books available at Elevate



Ages 3-Kindergarten



Ages 7 - 18



Ages 3 - 5