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Guitar Lessons

Playing Guitar!

Calling all aspiring guitar players! Students learn how to read music and single note melodies. While doing this, they are preparing themselves for the same technique they will need to perform solos. Bring on the chords which connect students to the songs they know and are excited to play. Don't forget tuning, rhythm and strumming, how to read tabs, theory, scales, position playing and so much more.

Buddy System & Teamwork

We believe whole-heartedly in our buddy system which brings in the concept of learning fundamentals with a peer. It makes the process more fun and energized plus offers new and innovative teaching opportunities. Our goal is to inspire and keep fun in the mix. The buddy system enables us to do exactly that!

Be in a Band!

Part of being a musician is performing with a group. Rock band classes come into play every other week where guitar students move onto the stage, plug into the amp and stand up to rock out – a much different structure than sitting down to play. Learning how to play standing up is a big change and an important piece to becoming a real guitar player. Also understanding the art of playing with an amplifier: when you should use distortion and an effect or an acoustic guitar. Learn how to use all the different sounds that are available and how to apply them to the song. Teachers are right along side the students coaching and educating every step of the way!

Come and See Us

Visit us to meet the teacher and see how we run the program for yourself. Click below for a FREE guitar lesson and tour.


Class Details

  • Lessons focused on electric and acoustic guitar
  • 1/2 hour lesson per week
  • Professional musician instructors
  • Curriculum that covers all levels of guitar expertise
  • Play on actual guitars
  • 2 concert performances per year
  • Safe & positive atmosphere
  • The most energetic & fun guitar lessons ever!
  • All lesson books available at Elevate



Ages 3-Kindergarten



Ages 7 - 18



Ages 3 - 5