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Rock Band

Music Lessons for Kids Age 7-18 - Rock Band Program

Live Performance Lessons on Drums, Piano, Bass Guitar, Singing or Guitar

These are not your ordinary music lessons! Be prepared to receive in-depth music instruction focusing on reading music, theory and the art of live performance. The Rock Band program offers a life-changing experience for students who want to learn all there is to know about their instrument and play in a band with their peers. Whether your child is a complete beginner or an advanced student, they can join in on the fun of the Rock Band program. Students are scheduled for their music lessons & band based on age and experience so they are always learning at their optimum level. These are the kind of music lessons that keep things fun and energetic while providing tons of information each week.

Video Clip of Kids Rocking Out On & Off the Stage!

Buddy System & Teamwork

Our proven lesson structure with a buddy offers fun and innovative teaching opportunities, a fantastic learning environment and a whole lot of fun during each music lesson! Teamwork, camaraderie & personal connection allows us to teach the music while building each student up to be the best they can be. Plus, who doesn't want to take music lessons with a friend?

Start Anytime

Students can enroll in the best music lessons ever, anytime! We are on a rolling schedule so when it works for you to get started on any of the instruments, we're ready. We'll identify a time to start one-on-one with your instructor for a short assessment period. Within a few weeks, we'll have a band for you to join. Don't worry, our music lessons program is for ALL experience levels from beginner to advanced.

Students are placed with kids of similar age and ability in the Rock Band program to continue the learning process. Students continue to learn fundamentals like reading music, theory and all that comes with learning an instrument with an added bonus of live performance instruction. Ready to get going? Music lessons start as soon as next week!

Come Over & Meet Us!

Our teachers are truly rock stars. Not only are they experts on their instruments but they have a passion for teaching their students and a way to make their music lessons relevant. The way they connect with each and every student individually and inspire them all is truly amazing.

While we try and explain all there is to know about the way we teach the best music lessons around, it's even better if you stop in. See what we do, meet the teachers and find out why our students love it here! 

Remember, we teach music lessons on Drums, Bass, Piano, Guitar & Singing! Grab a tour of our facility and a FREE mini-lesson today! Click the button below to sign up.

Class Details

  • Music Lessons for ALL Skill Levels
  • Instrument Choice: Bass, Drums, Piano, Singing or Guitar
  • Read Music, Learn Theory & Play in a Band
  • Learn what it means to be a real musician
  • Perform in 2 concerts per year
  • 1/2 hour music lesson per week
  • Custom facility with a stage
  • Students pick their songs & name their bands
  • All instruments provided during lessons
  • Optional instrument rental program
  • Assistance with instrument purchase




Ages 3-Kindergarten



Ages 7 - 18



Ages 3 - 5