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Drum Lessons

Drum lessons at Elevate are jam packed with all the tools you will need to become a true drummer. Students learn drum rudiments, linear drumming, rhythm, grooves and yes, drummers read music too! Students also learn tempo, dynamics and playing by ear. Our goal is to inspire kids to give their best and teach them that music is something they can enjoy and keep as a part of their lives forever!

Now bring it all together in rock band! The drums are the heart of the band; the driving force behind the groove that makes the song sound awesome! You’ll learn to count in the songs, do punches, fills and cymbals crashes, just like the songs on the radio! Students get to truly hear how their part fits in with the other instruments. This part of the lesson program is jam packed with fun and tons of learning opportunities. Stage presence, listening, watching, interacting, dynamics, movement and the list goes on! There is so much to learn about being on stage and playing with others and it ALL comes together in rock band!

Class Details

  • Lessons focused on drums
  • 1/2 hour lesson per week
  • Curriculum that covers all level of drumming expertise
  • Play on actual drum sets and play other percussion instruments
  • 2 concert performances per year




Ages 3-Kindergarten



Ages 7 & 8



Ages 7 - 17