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Lil Peeps™

Music Lessons for Kids Age 3 - Kindergarten

These are not your regular, ordinary music lessons! They are fun, inspiring and full of energy. Lil Peeps™ is a music class for children  ages 3 - kindergarten where students experiment with all the instruments including: drums, bass, guitar, singing & piano. The curriculum changes weekly while the kids soak up all kinds of musical information. These young students even perform in our concerts twice per year!

Come in for a tour & sneak peek into a Lil Peeps Class!

Class Details

  • Instruments covered: drums, bass guitar, piano, guitar & singing
  • New instrument of focus each month
  • 1/2 hour lesson per week
  • Classes are scheduled by age: 3-4 year olds & 5-6 year olds
  • Small group classes - maximum 6 children
  • Real instruments to play
  • 2 concert performances per year
  • High energy curriculum to keep music fun!
  • Classes run year-round
  • Rolling schedule - start anytime
  • Month to month commitment

We Keep it FUN & here's why:

  1. We Want to Encourage a Positive Attitude Towards Music: If young children enjoy the music activities they participate in, they are more likely to have a positive attitude towards music and view it as a fun and enjoyable activity. This positive attitude can lead to a lifelong love and appreciation for music.
  2. We Want to Encourage Active Participation: When music activities are fun, youngsters are more likely to actively participate and engage in the activities. This can help them learn and retain more information and develop their skills more quickly.

  3. We are All About Creative Development: When music activities are fun and engaging, little ones are more likely to feel free to experiment and create their own music. This can support their creative development and help them develop their own unique musical style.

  4. We Aim to Encourage Socialization: Fun music activities can also encourage socialization among kids. When children are enjoying themselves and having fun, they are more likely to engage with each other, share ideas, and work together.

  5. We Want to Support a Love of Learning: When children enjoy the activities they are participating in, they are more likely to develop a love of learning. This can lead to a lifelong love of music and a desire to continue learning and exploring new musical concepts.

Keeping music fun for little ones is important because it can support their musical development, their creative development, their social development, and their love of learning. When music activities are enjoyable and engaging, preschoolers are more likely to develop a positive attitude towards music and be more motivated to learn and grow musically.



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