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Mooresville Vocal Lessons

Vocal Lessons That Rock

Ever imagine yourself, on stage, belting out your favorite song to a crowd in awe? You probably get goosebumps just thinking about it. By combining professional vocal lessons with the opportunity to sing in your own band, we make that dream a reality at Elevate Rock School in Mooresville. We believe performing live is crucial to the development of aspiring musicians.

Our vocal coaches will not only explain how it feels to hit those goosebump activating notes, they teach you how to do it! Beyond our professional-level vocal lessons, you will learn stage presence and develop the confidence to unleash your true voice.
Sight reading, pitch matching, harmonies, lead and back-up vocals are all part of our lesson structure. Develop proper warm-up techniques and increase your vocal range, while working on tone and proper pitch.

In order to fully support your dream of becoming a musician, you will stand up, sing, and learn the live performance factor of being a vocalist! Choose your favorite songs and learn what it takes to be a lead and back-up singer in the band. In order to truly inspire and prepare, vocal lessons need to reach far beyond sitting in a classroom. Don’t underestimate this unique experience compared to other music lessons in Mooresville.

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