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Mooresville Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons That Rock

At Mooresville’s Elevate Rock School, we teach kids how to rock! However, even the most successful pianists and keyboardists have a foundation built on reading music, studying theory, and traditional piano lessons. How do we create an inspiring environment for students to truly thrive? The key is to not overwhelm them with “the boring stuff”, and to show them how fundamentals relate to the music they love listening to.

As we allow them to explore the music they love, the excitement mounts and practice becomes more of a desire than a duty. Through these transformative piano lessons, they begin to see how everything connects and develop an appreciation for the concepts of reading music, understanding theory, and playing by ear.

Compared to other piano lessons in Mooresville, our approach is unique in that we believe learning how to play piano, or any other instrument, can’t be limited to lessons. Part of being a musician is performing with a group. There is so much to learn once you step on that stage, and our students are given that opportunity by becoming members of their own band!  

Every other week at Elevate is Rock Band. As a favorite among students, this time spent on stage is vital to their growth as young musicians. Counting in the song, obtaining proper pitch, listening, staying together in tempo, eye contact, dynamics, emotion, movement, etc.  As the students work through their songs on stage our teachers are right there to coach and teach them every step of the way!

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