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Mooresville Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons That Rock

At Elevate Rock School in Mooresville, we know what it takes to truly connect with aspiring guitar players. Guitar lessons should be more than just learning chords and reading music. A safe and inspiring learning environment requires the opportunity to collaborate with others and the encouragement to express oneself without shame. Along with learning how to play guitar and read music, students will be preparing themselves for the techniques they need to perform solos and keep a song’s rhythm. These tools connect students with songs they know and want to play along to.

How are we different from traditional guitar lessons in Mooresville? Every other week, each guitar student, along with students of other instruments, will play as a member of their very own band. They will move onto the stage, plug into an amp, and stand up to rock out – a much different structure than traditional lessons. Learning how to play guitar in a band is a big change and an important piece to becoming a real guitar player. As is the art of playing with an amplifier. Students will learn when, and how, to use distortion, reverb, and various other effects.

Our ultimate hope is that the confidence and critical thinking skills your student takes from our school extends throughout all aspects of their lives: musically, professionally, socially, and personally.

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