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Mooresville Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons That Rock

The heart of the band. Drum lessons at Elevate Rock School in Mooresville are packed with all the tools an aspiring drummer needs to become a true, and accomplished, drummer. Students will learn rudiments, linear drumming, rhythm, grooves and yes, drummers learn how to read music too! Drum students also learn tempo, dynamics and playing by ear. Our drum lessons go beyond aiding in the development of their skills as a drummer. We want to inspire youth to always give their best and teach them that music is something they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Aspiring musicians require more than solely mastering their instrument. Musicians need the experience of performing in their own band. Our Rock Band initiative makes us unique from other drum lesson providers in Mooresville by providing students with the opportunity to perform live as a member of a band.

Drum students will become the driving force behind the heart of the each song they play. Students will learn to count in the songs, do punches, fills, and cymbal crashes. Traditional drum lessons can’t teach stage presence, listening, watching, interacting, dynamics, and movement. We want students to unleash their love for music in a safe and encouraging environment. Elevate Rock School – Lake Norman wants to be a part of the journey.

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