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Bass Guitar Lessons?


7 Awesome Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn How to Play

Has your child expressed interest in learning how to play the bass guitar?

If you’re trying to figure out whether or not you should enroll your budding musician into a program that offers bass guitar lessons, here are seven awesome reasons why the instructors here at Elevate Rock School think you should.


1. It’s easy to get started with the bass guitar

Learning how to play an instrument well is no easy task. The truth is that some instruments, such as the piano, flute and violin, are difficult to learn. It can take many months or even years to learn how to play well at the most basic level.

On the other hand, the bass guitar is relatively easy to learn. This is because the foundation of the instrument is learning how to play the right notes.

Other instruments typically require learning complicated hand and finger placements, using all four limbs simultaneously or developing proper breathing techniques. With the bass guitar, playing is as simple as pressing down on a string with one hand while plucking it with the other.

With that said, as with any other instrument, mastery of the bass guitar takes time, practice and dedication.


2. Playing the bass is relaxing

Playing the bass guitar is a laid back experience. You only play one note at a time, and the physical movement necessary to play the instrument is minimal.

Why is this a plus? Some children prefer to play an instrument that lets them participate in making music without the process of learning being too hectic or demanding.

If this sounds like your child, the bass guitar may be perfect for them.


3. Bass players are the glue of the band

Bass players serve a very important purpose in every band because they set the pace of the music. In essence, the bass player acts as a human metronome. Without them, it is much more difficult for drummers, guitarists and other band members to synchronize their playing properly.

How awesome would your child feel to know that without their instrument the band may potentially fall apart in the middle of a big rock concert? The bass can be a real self-esteem booster.


4. Bass players look cool

Let’s face it, bass players look pretty darn cool when they’re on stage. Think of any iconic bassist like Kim Deal, Les Claypool and Paul McCartney.

Apart from the hypnotic sounds produced by their bass guitars in action, it’s hard to take your eyes off of them when they play, especially if they rock out with a killer solo.

As your child progresses through the stages of learning how to play the bass, their skills multiply, and before you know it they are the one standing on stage looking totally confident and super cool playing their instrument.


5. They’ll be in an exclusive group

Most guitar players specialize in either the acoustic or electric guitars. A much smaller portion invest their time into learning how to play the bass guitar.

This means that your little rock star automatically joins an exclusive group the moment they decide to learn the bass. Depending on your child’s personality that thought alone may excite them tremendously.


6. Bass guitars are played in a wide variety of genres

Another awesome aspect of playing the bass guitar, is that it gives your child access to many different genres of music. They can take the foundation of their education in playing the bass guitar and wander as far and wide as they please in the world of music.

Rock, Jazz, Swing, Funk and many other styles depend on the bass player to keep the rhythm and the melody going and flowing smoothly throughout a piece of music.

Through developing skills with the bass guitar, your child will likely gain exposure to many different kinds of music that they would have never discovered without it.


7. Playing the bass guitar is fun

Learning how to play the bass guitar is lots of fun! This is especially true when your child learns in an environment that supports the development of their musical skills with exciting and unconventional teaching methods that work.

That’s exactly what we offer through our approach to music education. If you’re ready to get your child started with bass guitar lessons, Fargo based Elevate Rock School has instructors and programs that may be the perfect fit for you and your child. Set up your FREE lesson and tour to find out!