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Drum Lessons for Kids


Does your child love to bang on anything and everything around the house? If they’re driving you crazy with all that “noise” maybe it’s time to channel their energy into formal lessons!

If you ask almost anyone about their favorite song, more often than not they’ll say they love it because of its beat. That all thanks to drums! Many consider the drums to be, quite literally, the heartbeat of music and believe that without it, things tend to fall more than a bit flat.

If you notice that your child has a natural aptitude for drumming, why not enroll them in drum lessons at Elevate Rock School in Fargo?

Why Should Your Child Learn How to Drum?

Drumming is a fun and natural activity. How many times have you caught yourself tapping out a beat with a pencil or even your fingertips? Probably more often than you’d like to admit. Children love it too, and for good reason.


It’s very cool!

Let’s be honest, all drummers are awesomely cool. If your child spends hours dreaming about being a rock star, they can move towards turning those dreams into reality by starting with beginner drum lessons.

And it’s so important that it’s worth mentioning again. Drumming is a fun and enjoyable experience for kids, especially when they get to try their skills out with a group of classmates. And let’s not forget that learning how to play this percussion instrument gives them a way to make as much noise as they want without fear of negative repercussions.


It’s a path to playing other instruments.

Drums are percussion instruments and by taking beginner drum lessons, your child has the foundation they need to be able to seamlessly transition into learning how to play and master other percussion instruments like the congas, triangle, clave or bass drum.


It reduces stress and anxiety.

It’s true! Studies show that drum lessons for kids have a positive effect on their overall mood. Whether the activity involves playing the drums on their own or participating in a drum circle or group, the act of drumming itself is a simple way to boost levels of endorphins in the body, which makes your child more happy and calm.




It opens up a world of musical options.

Drums are an important element in a wide range of musical genres. Learning how to play the instrument gives your child an introduction to a world of musical options.

Whether it’s learning rock, blues, jazz, reggae or folk music, drum lessons give your child a more global view of music while teaching them how to apply their newly acquired skills to different styles and cultures of music.


It boosts confidence, academic performance and communication skills.

Studies show that learning how to play a musical instrument (including the drums) has a positive effect on a child’s ability to perform at higher levels in school.

Taking lessons and successfully learning how to play drums makes your little rock stars feel better and more confident in themselves with each new class.

As an added bonus, drumming helps to improve your child’s communication skills. The reason behind this is threefold. First, learning music tends to enhance children’s ability to express their feelings. Second, it helps to improve the way they read non-verbal cues in their peers and the adults around them. Lastly, learning music tends to boost empathy, which is an essential competent of healthy communication.


It’s exercise!

Now this is a benefit that always surprises parents. But the fact is, as far as learning an instrument goes, drumming is one of the most physically demanding activities a child can do. So if your child has lots of energy to burn, playing the drums is the perfect way to make it happen, while also improving their technical skills.

Elevate Rock School Beginner Drum Lessons

For fun, educational and totally unique drum lessons, Fargo based Elevate Rock School is the right choice.

If your child wants to learn how to drum, our instructors are ready to walk them through the rich history of this ancient instrument and teach them the finer points of how to rock out a mean solo and play in their very own class band.

Our unconventional approach to teaching music along with our one-on- one and group lessons keeps your child engaged and eager to improve their playing skills.

Request a FREE lesson and tour today to find out more about our program as well as our other music classes.